Grass Lake Sports and Trails Park is a relatively new park that is ½ mile west of the Village of Grass Lake.  This park belongs to Grass Lake Township and does not have any fees to enter.  Prior to this being a park it was agricultural land so the vast majority was open land 20 years ago.  Since then some trees and scrubs have began to come back.  The park originally was baseball and soccer fields until the past few years when two trails were made. The park has a north and south side that is separated by a creek that is the head waters of the Grand River.  The south side has baseball facilities and a wide gravel trail, while the north side hosts the soccer fields and some grass trails.  The new single track sections are small loops that sprout off the grass trail.  The trail head is located at the eastern end of the parking lot in the north section.  In the spring of 2013 there was some desire to expand the current trails system to include single track trails.  Since spring the almost a mile of single track has been added and there are plans to continue building single track trails starting in spring of 2014.  The trails have very little terrain that is difficult, but it is made up for with some rather tight corners and few places that are straight.  In the fall of 2013 Grass Lake Township purchased 130 yards of clay loam soil and a pump track is planned for this spring/summer.  The pump track (although not completed) is located along the north side of the entrance road. The park is very busy in the spring and fall on Saturday mornings with soccer games, but it’s usually finished by 2 p.m.

Even though this park is located very close to the Village, it hosts a number of regular wild visitors.  In the summer evenings it is very common to see deer, red tailed hawks, ducks, and even red fox. Places that are more common to see these animals are where the trails approach the creek, while the fox are more located along the old fence lines.

Trail Miles: 1.8

Entry Fees: None

Hours: Dawn-Dusk

MMBA Forum Trail Conditions Thread: Link

Trail Maps: Link

Address955 Willis Rd. Grass Lake, MI 49240

Trail Coordinator: Trevor McGinn

Directions: Lat:  42.251753, Long: -84.225086